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Tetbury in Bloom Mural created by Tetbury in Bloom and the pupils of St Mary's Primary School

Each year we organise the hanging baskets, mangers and planters for public areas and supply hanging baskets to the shops, businesses and residents at a competitive price and in a coordinated colour scheme. The small profit made is put back into buying more plants and materials.

Several other organisations and businesses also put on a good show each year with hanging baskets and other containers, most notably the Feoffees display on the Market Hall, The Close Hotel, The Snooty Fox and Moloh amongst others.



The centre of town showing the baskets on the Market Hall and the Snooty Fox Hotel

Tubs in Old Brewery Lane during the summer months and those at London Road in the Spring


The troughs in Market Place filled with vibrant coloured geraniums in the summer months

The trough in The Chipping Car Park

The troughs at the front of the Market Hall

In 2018, our old painted galvanised cattle trough planters in the town centre and at the five entrances to the town, were looking very worn and sorry for themselves. We decided to set about fund raising to replace them with UPVC ‘self watering’ planters which not only keep the plants well watered, but are durable, need next to no maintenance, and look very smart.

Like the tubs we have had in Old Brewery Lane, London Road and Chipping Steps for many years, and also the baskets that adorn the lamp posts, these new troughs use high capacity capillary-action wicks that  “suck” water from a water reservoir at the base of the planter onto dispersal matting, which in turn soaks evenly into the compost.


 One of the new UPVC self watering troughs at the entrance to Tetbury in Hampton Street

The new UPVC self watering troughs in Market Place