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Tetbury in Bloom Mural created by Tetbury in Bloom and the pupils of St Mary's Primary School

December 2009


Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year from the Tetbury in Bloom committee.

Despite our many successes this year, as all gardeners know, the hard work continues.  As I write this article, Tetbury in Bloom teams are out planting more bulbs to ensure that we maximise the flowering season next year.  In the depths of winter I look forward to the amazing spring floral displays. 

What an exciting year it has been.  Looking back, there are so many memories of 2009 to choose from.  My main recollections centre around the amazing levels of support we received:

Thank you once again to you all for your support.

November 2009

Britain in Bloom Results Announced

You will no doubt have heard by now that Tetbury won a well deserved Silver Gilt in the Britain in Bloom campaign, narrowly missing out on a Gold.  Also we were nominated for two Discretionary awards for the highest achievers.  This is an enormous achievement for a first time entrant such as ourselves.  (The judges went as far as saying that this was “unprecedented” and “mind-blowing”.)  We are naturally delighted with this result.  You must remember that we were judged by the RHS-qualified judges, to Chelsea standards.

A big “thank you” from the Committee to everyone involved. 

The results were announced at the Britain in Bloom awards ceremony on 23rd September, at the Riviera Conference Centre in Torquay.  I had never been to anything like it before.  There were over 400 representatives from all 18 regions and nations of the UK.  There were 67 entries in total.  The ceremony lasted over 5 hours!

The next morning, we attended a 15 minute seminar with the judges (RHS Chairman of the Judging Panel, Roger Burnett, and his colleague Andrew Jackson) to receive more detailed feedback on our entry.  They said that Tetbury was a pleasure to visit and judge.  They were particularly impressed with:

Most flattering of all was the statement that Tetbury “is one to watch for the future and has the potential to progress through to the highest levels of achievement in Britain in Bloom”.  If there had only been a newcomers award! 

For those of you who are interested, Pitlochry, Scotland, was awarded a Gold and overall winner in the Small Town category.  Also our “neighbours” Thornbury achieved a well deserved Gold and were nominated Category Winner in the larger Town category.  For a full list of winners refer to the RHS website at:

October 2009

Heart of England in Bloom Campaign, the Local Garden Competition and the Painting Competition - Results

I am delighted to be able to report that we achieved our fourth consecutive Gold award in the regional Heart of England in Bloom campaign.  We are also awarded Best Small Town for the second year.  This is a great achievement given that we were up against ten other small towns.   We have, however, to wait until 23rd September for the results of the prestigious RHS Britain in Bloom campaign. 

I am also pleased to announce the winners of the local annual garden competition, as follows:  

Commercial Container Planting

Bronze:  Bonhams,The Ormond

Silver:  Abbeyfield, Snooty Fox Hotel, Tetbury United Services, Tetbury Youth Centre

Silver Gilt:  Artique,Tetbury Town Council (TTC) and The Close Hotel

Gold:  The Feoffees for the Market Hall and Peter Williams (2 Charlton Road)

Commercial Garden

Bronze:  The Close Hotel

Silver:  Les Triggs on behalf of TTC for the rear of the Courthouse, Peter Hervé House and Sam’s Memorial Garden on the Recreation Ground

Silver Gilt:  Hortensia


Bronze:  The Old Bookshop

Silver:  Eight Bells, Hortensia, Skeins of Tetbury and the Vets

Silver Gilt:  Ark Angel, Creative Hairdressing and Henrietta’s House

Gold:  Artique, Bonhams and Kitchenmonger


Silver Gilt:  Mr and Mrs Bullock (33 Hampton Street), Sandra Norris (31 Chavenage Lane) and Steve Wilmott (10 Ryland Close)

Gold:  Jonathan Brodribb (43 Silver Street)


Bronze:  Mrs Diana Melville (6 Wheat Hill, Romney Road)

Silver:    D Hampson (15 Chavenage Lane)

Silver Gilt:    Pat Horton (12 Northfield Road) and Terri White and Connie Moulton (7 Newleaze Gardens)

Gold:  Mr and Mrs Bryan (94 St Mary’s Road), Mrs Gibbs (17 Newleaze Gardens), Mrs Gerda Smith (14 Close Gardens), Mr and Mrs Townsend (The Piece, Cutwell), Lance Vick (14 Northfield Road) and Michael J Watkins (30 Conygar Road)


Silver:    Mr and Mrs Bryan (94 St Mary’s Road), Karen Eastlake (Highfield Farm Cottage) and Mrs Diana Melville (6 Wheat Hill, Romney Road)

Silver Gilt:     Pat Horton (12 Northfield Road), Suzie Howard (Fern House, The Ferns), Mrs Gerda Smith (14 Close Gardens) and Terri White and Connie Moulton (7 Newleaze Gardens)

Gold:  Jan McKenzie (2 Quail Meadow) and Les Triggs (60 Hampton Street)


Silver:  D Hampson (15 Chavenage Lane), Pat Horton (12 Northfield Road) and Mrs Diana Melville (6 Wheat Hill, Romney Road)

Silver Gilt:  Suzie Howard (Fern House, The Ferns), Mrs E Smith (2 Chavenage Lane), Mrs Gerda Smith (14 Close Gardens) and Terri White and Connie Moulton (7 Newleaze Gardens)

Gold:   Ali Bristow (18 Long Street), David W Tanner (11 Chavenage Lane), Les Triggs (60 Hampton Street), Lance Vick (14 Northfield Road) and Roy Browning (1 Charlton Road)


Silver Gilt:    Mrs Jane Laming, Herd Lane

Wildlife-friendly gardening

Bronze:    Mrs Diana Melville (6 Wheat Hill, Romney Road)

Silver:    Hortense Oates (1 Market Place)

Silver Gilt:    Jayne West (Peter Hervé House)

Gold:    Mr and Mrs Gibbs (Well Cottage, 18 Chavenage Lane)

Category Winners are those highlighted. The standard was very high again this year and it was wonderful that we had a mix of new and “seasoned” entrants.  

I would like to thank the judges – Olly Spencer (Close Nursery), Kate Eedy and our own Sue Hirst – for giving up much of the weekend of 11th/12th July to judge the competition.

And the results of the annual primary school painting competition are as follows:

5 - 8 Years - Infants

First: Charlotte Rushton Second: Bethany Scriven Third: Aimee Osling and Stella Harper Highly Commended: Jenny Gardener, Chloe Knight and Sophie Potter 

9 - 11 Years - JUNIOR

First: Owen Barron Second: Theo Martin Third: Ruby Moore Highly Commended: Charlie Alderson, Page Marshall and Crystal Vater

This year the competition was entitled “My Garden”.  In addition the winners were entered into the Heart of England painting competition and, from many hundreds of entries from many schools throughout the region, the following won prizes in their age range:

Sophie Potter Age 5 3rd prize

Bethany Scriven Age 6 2nd prize

Charlotte Rushton Age 7 1st prize

Owen Barron Age 9 1st prize

What a creative and artistic group of children we have! 

On behalf of the Committee I would like to offer our congratulations to everyone who entered these local competitions.  I look forward to meeting you all at the Prize Giving evening on Friday 25th September, 6.30pm at The Dolphins Hall.

September 2009

2009 Judging 

The hard work is over for another season but the results of the judging are yet to be announced.  We have to wait until 3rd September for the results of the regional Heart of England campaign (too late for this article) and until 23rd September for the prestigious national Britain in Bloom finals. 

All I can tell you at this stage is that Les Goodman and David Wassell, judges of the Heart of England in Bloom competition, were enormously impressed with Tetbury this year, saying that the town has never looked so good and that it had been transformed beyond all recognition during the many years that they have been visiting.  They were particularly impressed with the planting of the roundabout which they said was the best they had ever seen! 

The RHS judges (Roger Burnett, Chairman of the National Judging Panel, and Andrew Jackson) were equally complementary.  They reminded us that, as one of only six towns of our size from across the UK to reach the finals, we were already winners saying that we were “amongst the cream of the crop”.  They were particularly impressed by our floral displays, calling them mini-gardens not typical of municipal planting and quoting us as an example of best-practice when it came to sustainable planting (the balance of permanent planting and use of seasonal bedding).  They even went as far as saying that other towns could learn from us!  They were also impressed by the amount of support and participation, which was clearly in evidence on the day itself. 

Well done and thank you to you all. 

Special thanks go, in particular, to:

And, of course, to everyone who visited the Exhibition and who supported us.  We could not have done it all without you.

I hope that you like the results.

Finally, I understand that some people have asked us how they could make a donation.  If you wish to do so, cheques should be made payable to “Tetbury in Bloom” and either sent to Sue Hirst at 8 Springfield, or handed to one of the team (out and about in their yellow jackets).  Thank you.

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