Tetbury in Bloom Mural created by Tetbury in Bloom and the pupils of St Mary's Primary School
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Although the Christmas lights in Tetbury were first improved by the ‘Christmas in Tetbury’ organisation in 2010, six of its members were also members of ‘Tetbury in Bloom’. When ‘Christmas in Tetbury’ folded in January 2018, ‘Tetbury in Bloom’ took on the organisation of the Christmas lights under its own banner.

Prior to 2010

The Market House at the centre of town has always been the focal point of Tetbury’s decorations, and each year it’s been beautifully decorated with white lights supplied and erected by the Feoffees of Tetbury themselves. This includes the two Christmas trees either side of the front door which are, and have always been, kindly donated every year by Mr & Mrs Lowsley-Williams of Chavenage House.

The only large permanent tree that was decorated with white lights was the one on The Chipping and the few Christmas trees that adorned the shop premises were decorated with a mismatch of different lights in a variety of colours, sizes and types.

The festive motif lights on the lamp posts were few and far between and those that were erected were only partially working.  

Overall, apart from the Market House, the town’s Christmas lights were in much need of total revamp!.

White Light Theme

To create a WOW factor within the town centre, it was decided that a uniform look should be adopted. By by tying in with those already used on the Market House, white lights became the chosen colour theme.

Christmas trees on Shop Premises

Funds were raised to initially purchase sufficient ‘warm white’ LED lights for all the shop trees. Organised originally by ‘Christmas in Tetbury’ but now continued by ‘Tetbury in Bloom’, each year a Christmas tree service is provided whereby shop owners can purchase a tree that is lit with 200 white LED lights. The trees are erected on the buildings and at the end of the festive season, they are taken down, the lights removed and the tree disposed of. The ‘Tetbury in Bloom’ volunteers have always dressed and undressed the trees and KP Gardens Ltd is employed to supply, erect, take down and dispose of them. The small profit that ‘Tetbury in Bloom’ make from this fundraising initiative, goes directly towards making the town look and feel good throughout the entire year.

Christmas trees adorning the shop premises in Long Street

Following the town’s colour theme, most of the shop owners decorate their windows using white lights and also some provide their own trees outside. Sets of white lights can also be hired from us at a small charge which again goes directly towards the funds needed every year to keep the town looking its best.

Christmas trees in Church Street and shop windows decorated with white lights

The Market House decorated by the Feoffees and Moloh who supply their own trees and lights

Large Trees

Between 2015 and 2017  Highgrove Enterprises generously sponsored the lights in four of the five large trees around the town centre which are now lit each year.  ‘Cool white’ LED lights were chosen to match those already used in the Chipping tree.  

The tree in The Chipping

The tree on Millennium Green                  The tree on The Knapp                      The tree at the mouth of Priory Way


The tree on The Green

Lamp Columns

Most of the street lighting in the town centre is provided by wall lamps attached to buildings and this makes them unsuitable to have Christmas lights attached, however, sixteen lamp columns in the Hampton Street, London Road, New Church Street and Long Street junction plus two in Market Place, are now simply decorated with lights that spiral up and down the lamp columns.

In 2021, following the build up of problems with the lights in the large trees, with financial help from Tetbury Town Council, we purchased all new lights for the town. This also included new lights for the lamp columns, to compliment the new whiter LED lamp heads that had replaced the old conventional lamp heads following a Gloucestershire County Council street lighting improvement scheme.

The decorated lamp columns at the Hampton Street, London Road, New Church Street and Long Street junction looking towards the Knapp

The Market House

Shortly after ‘Christmas in Tetbury’ formed, the Feoffees decided to upgrade their tungsten lights to LEDs, using ‘warm white‘ for the building itself and later on, ‘cool white’ for the two large trees.

The Market House with the two large Christmas trees either side of the front door

The Market House, the focal point of the town’s decorations

Over the years the lighting displays have got better and better and we think the results now speak for themselves.

Christmas Shop Window Displays